Photo by: Tragic Glamour Photography

Photo by: Tragic Glamour Photography


-COVER/Feature: Special Edition Vol. 14 Missy/Ink Magazine.
-COVER/Feature: Kultur Mag, Steampunk issue
-COVER/Feature: Gothesque Magazine, May 2015
-COVER/Feature: The Cat's Meow Magazine, June 2015
-COVER/Feature: Twisted Edge Magazine, June 2015
-COVER/Feature: Tattoo Revue Magazine, August 2015
-COVER/Feature: Tat2 Magazine, September 2015

-Feature: Issue two of Strange Beauty Magazine.
-Feature: Special Edition Vol. 11 Missy/Ink Magazine.
-Feature: Tat2 Magazine Issue 13, Aug 2014.
-Feature: Southern Inked Magazine, August 2014.
-Feature: Rebelicious Magazine, Issue 25- September 2014.
-Feature: Tattooed Time Bomb Magazine, Issue 11- October 2014.
-Feature: Rebelicious Magazine, Issue 26- October 2014.
-Feature: The Cat's Meow Magazine- November/December 2014
-Feature:Missy/Ink Magazine Deviant Issue- November 2014
-Feature: Kirameki Magazine, Issue 14: Girl Power! - November 2014
-Feature: Wicked Women Magazine, Water Special Edition- November 2014
-Feature: INKED Girls Australia, Summer Edition, December 2014
-Feature: Xpressions Magazine, January 2015
-Feature: Sour Magazine, Issue 7, January 2015
-Feature: Tattoo Kultur, December, 2014
-Feature: The International Magazine, Issue 10
-Feature: Rebelicious Magazine, Issue 30
-Feature: GlamRock Magazine, 5th anniversary, Issue 17
-Feature: Gothesque Magazine, April 2015
-Feature: Pain Magazine, June 2015
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-Feature: West Coast Ink, September, 2015
-Feature: The Eye Pie Magazine, September, 2015

Other Publications:
-Missy/Ink 2015 Calendar- December
-Xpressions Magazine 2015 Calendar- June

Brand Rep:
[past and current]
-Plagued Fitness Apparel
-Captain Chaos
-Models Against Domestic Abuse
-Dirty Shirty
-Strange Children
-H2Ocean Models
-Ladies Of Metal
-Armed Apparel
-Beautiful Disaster Clothing
-GNC Lodi Fit Family Athlete

Model Of The Month:
-Ladies of Metal: Oct 2014
-Inked and Beautiful: January 2015

Staci Castle

I was born and raised in Vallejo, California. I haven’t lived there for a while now, but [As much as I'd LOVE to live in Vegas or London] I don’t think I’ll ever move out of the Northern California area. I grew up really shy. I’ve always been interested in tattoos, though, and the lifestyle that comes along with it. I looked up to all the big tattoo models when I was a teenager, and I knew I wanted to be like them some day. I did a couple shoots for fun when I was younger and had just started getting tattooed, but I was still way too shy to take any of it seriously. Despite all that, I still REALLY wanted to be a part of the whole tattooed lifestyle/scene. I had a friend that was big in the music scene in Sacramento and helped me do just that. I actually started doing live band photography and band promotions for a while. Most of our bands were heavily tattooed, metal heads. It was a lot of fun. I got some awesome opportunities [Like shooting Rob Zombie, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Etc..] and I met a ton of amazing people. It was only recently, that I got the guts to be on the other side of the camera. My first actual shoot was in January of 2014 and I completely fell in love with it. Going into it, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the pictures, but I figured maayyybeee I could do a shoot here and there to post to social networks, and just have fun with it. The first shoot I did was with Yellow Bubbles and her sister, Spoiled Cherry. They are the most amazing team and create magic every time they shoot, I just knew I HAD to be a part of it some how. I loved them, and their magic ways, so much, I shot with them again in February and then in March. Both of those shoots ended up getting featured in magazines. It was such an awesome feeling that I couldn’t help but start doing more and more shoots. I finally decided to start calling myself a model, make a modeling page, and taking it seriously as a career in July of 2014. First step? Making a Facebook fan page, of course. We all know nothing is official until it's Facebook official. Haha I was also lucky enough to be able to join a group called Ladies Of Metal in July as well. [] I've met a bunch of awesome girls and bands through this group, and I've also gotten to work with some cool photographers through LOM as well. One of which is amazing and helping me build this site. [NO, he didn't tell me to put that... But while we're on the subject, go check him out:!]  Since then, modeling has become a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine not doing it now. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most creative people I’ve ever met, and I’ve been published multiple times, including being on the cover of a Missy/Ink’s special edition magazine, and getting in a couple of calendars for 2015. I've never been more busy, tired, stressed out, exhausted, sleepy, overworked, [insert more words for needing sleep here], but it's all completely worth it. It’s awesome and I’m completely grateful for, and humbled by, all of the positive feedback, and amazing opportunities I get.