Let's get this party started!

Hey all! I'm so excited you're checking out my website, thank you! I feel like I need to start off by pretending I'm winning a Grammy and thanking a bunch of people. So, here goes. First off, I need to thank Allen of Allen Daniel Photography [www.allendanielphoto.com] for helping me get this page started. He's been super helpful and I can't thank him enough. I do need to throw a thank you to my BIFF, Jodi, for volunteering to help me with my page making first, though. Allen ended up just taking over [sometimes I need that, I'm too indecisive. haha] and handling the page making, but I do appreciate friends like Jodi who were willing to help as well.

You may have noticed all the pictures on the main/portfolio page of my site. I've worked, and continue to work with soooo many talented people. I'm gonna list some links to their social medias now so you can go check out the rest of their awesome work. In no particular order, they are: Allen Daniel Photography [www.facebook.com/allendanielphotography], Marz Photography [www.facebook.com/richardmarzphotography], Tragic Glamour Photography [www.facebook.com/tragicglamourphoto], Silvia Paveri Photography [www.facebook.com/SilviaPaveriPhotography], Yellow Bubbles Photography [www.facebook.com/YellBub], Chris Epperson Photography [www.facebook.com/Chris-Epperson-Photography], Jim Parks Photography [www.facebook.com/Jim-Parks-Photography], Jessica Michelle Photography [www.facebook.com/photographybyjessicamichelle], Rachel Monroe Photography [www.facebook.com/rachelmonroephotography], and Keith Selle Photography [www.facebook.com/keithsellephotography]. I'll be working with more and more photographers, and I'll definitely be giving credit to them as they come along. However, since there's photos on my main page from all these wonderful people, I wanted you all to be able to check them out.

Other things I think you should check out: Theladiesofmetal.com or www.facebook.com/ladiesofmetal. I have never met a group of more supportive girls and I totally love being a part of such a rad family. Www.JoinMADA.com or www.facebook.com/fotodoormodelsforchristymack is another good one. It's awesome being a part of a group of models that support the fact that domestic violence is NEVER okay. Www.Sinfested.com or www.facebook.com/sinfested is an awesome clothing company, run by a rad dude, and you should definitely check it out and pick up some of their gear. Www.Plaguedfitness.com or www.facebook.com/plaguedfittnessapparel is another awesome clothing company that I rep for. You should pretty much own everything they have. It's all affordable and super comfy.

I've posted on my facebook [www.facebook.com/StaciCastle3] telling everyone to give me suggestions to write about. So, I'll be doing some of that HOPEFULLY pretty regularly. So, keep checking back. If you have questions, or ideas on things you think people might wanna know about me... Go ahead! Pick my brain. Let me know what it is you're thinking either here, or on facebook, and I'll try to get as many as I can covered in the days ahead. :D