Selling shit.

Yea, I have a potty mouth. I forgot to put that as a disclaimer before I started all this. My bad. Here it is: Disclaimer- I have a potty mouth! haha

Anywhoo... I sell shit. :D If anyone's wondering how it works, here's a summary. I model for fun. It's not my career, it's my hobby. I would love to be able to make it a career, but it doesn't pay well. And usually, it doesn't pay at all. Which is why I sell stuff. Buying clothing/makeup/and everything else that is necessary for photo shoots, along with paying some of the photographers I work with [Yes, I DO pay for some of my shoots!] is EXPENSIVE! In my store, I sell posters, smaller prints, and now SHIRTS! All of these things, of course, also cost money. So does shipping them out to you, once they've been ordered. It's also time consuming and a lot of back and forth driving to pick things up and ship them out. SOOOOO... I feel like I've priced things in my store to be able to cover the actual product, mailing it out to you, and to have a TINY [trust me, it's not a lot] bit left over to pay for shoot related items. I haven't had anyone bitch about my prices or anything, I just thought I'd put this little FYI out there, in case anyone wanted to know where there money is going. It's going to a good place, especially if you'd like to see MORE pictures come out, and more/NEW merch in my store. :D

The shirts are actually a little different. I have a minimum amount of shirts I have to sell, or I have to end up paying for the shirts out of my pocket. Which would be balls. :( Sooo, if ever you've wanted a Staci Castle keepsake, the shirts are where it's at. ;) Not to mention they're gonna be sick quality and look awesome on you, struttin around with my silly face on your tummy. Sooo... Check it out:! Or just click the store link on my website. ^^

SERIOUSLY THANK YOU!!! All of you that support me in general, whether you buy my merch or not, I appreciate you more than you know. Couldn't do it without you and your kind words and encouragement. :)