June 7th, 2007... I went to my first Otep concert, an hour and a half [and back] from my house, at the Fat Cat Music House and Lounge in Modesto. I was so obsessed with how amazing she/they were live, I drove another three hours [and back] from my house the very next night to see the show again at the Rainbow BallRoom in Fresno. Since then, I've been to 6 more Otep concerts. Andddd Thursday will be my 9th. Andddddddd Saturday will probably be my 10th. What happens when you put on an amazing live show? That's right, ladies and gents... Staci Castle goes to all of them. lol I'm not generally an obsessive person and I wouldn't do this for many other bands... But hey. When ya like something, enjoy it, right?

I'm super stoked on this Thursday's show, because it's at my old stomping grounds. A place that was damn near my second home when I was doing Cheeky Photography and Sith Entertainment with Kelly N Bubba. The good ol' The Boardwalk. It's gonna be rad. Anyone else going?

What's even more exciting? I'm going to be doing a Ladies of Metal takeover while I'm at the show. Follow along with my takeover on www.facebook.com/ladiesofmetal or @ladiesofmetal on instagram!