Lesson One: Be NICE!

I know it's not always interesting to listen to people rant. However, there's something that bothers me greatly in this whole modeling business, and I want to put a thought or two about it out there a little bit. SO here I go. 

I'm pretty sure most of us, hopefully, are brought up being taught manners and that you should always 'treat people the way you want to be treated,' right? It seems like a lot of that goes out the door when you step into the modeling world. It's definitely not limited to modeling, I shouldn't say that. Anything that has a competitive atmosphere about it, people looooose their dang minds! And I just don't get it. Sure, we all want to succeed and be at the top once in a while. I think the way we get there, however, definitely defines the type of person we are.

It is SO COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY to claw and backstab your way to the top. I see people letting jealousy consume them so often, it just makes me sad. I guess maybe it is easier to hate. To let the jealousy take over, to be mad at someone else for getting something you wanted so badly. But does it really make you feel better? Does it get you what you wanted? If so, you must have some magical hate powers, but I've never seen it happen before. It takes a strong, confident person to see others succeed at something that you've striving for, and say "good job!" instead of knocking them down for it. If you work hard enough, and want it bad enough, you'll get there, too. Along the way, though, there WILL be others that get there first. Why not celebrate their success with them? Be someone who gets to the top and is respected throughout the journey. 

That's it.. Just food for thought. ;)