Be social.

I created a few goals in the last month or so on my social networks. One was to hit 1k supporters [I like to call people supporters because I think 'followers' sounds creepy, 'likes' sounds dumb, and I'm not cool enough for 'fans.' hahah] on twitter at My next was to get 50k supporters on Facebook at The last goal I made, which is the only one I haven't hit yet, is 10k supporters on instagram at Sooo... If you are, in fact, a supporter of the things that I do, pics that I post, crazy things that I say, then you should go hit me up on all those social networks! I also have a snapchat- StaciCastle3. I've been snapping my diet a lot today. Not so much because I think it's interesting, but more so because it's holding me accountable. If I feel like I have to post everything that goes in my mouth, I'm not gonna want to stuff my face like I've been wanting to a lot lately. The will power.... It's gone. If someone can go ahead and find that for me, that'd be greatly appreciated. I'll reward you by giving you all the cookies I shouldn't be eating. haha If you have any questions for me, or want to see me post about certain topics, feel free to email me! Just hit the contact button at the top of your screen. Or you can contact me through any of the previously mentioned social networks and I'll answer you, in one way or another, as soon as I can. 

Thanks everyone! <3