San Francisco trip with Allen Daniel Photography!

Hey all!

I'm posting this a little late, but I've only recently decided to start blogging about my photoshoots, and I thought this one was a great one to start with cuz it was so much fun! Of course, you all know Allen and I have a good time no matter where we go, because [aside from my hubby, OBVIIII] he's my favorite person. So, this particular adventure happened in San Francisco, Ca. We rolled to SF with our other friend, and his UHmazing, fuzzy ass dog, Trooper. We ended up shooting in a few locations, one in China Town, and one in some... Forest, mountain top, place. I'm not sure where the hell it was, I don't know SF very well. But it was awesome. I FROZE MY ASS OFF. But it was still awesome. haha 

Hopefully y'all like the pictures we got from this day. It was a lot of fun to shoot in something more laid back, like this comfy little dress, for a change. I was freezing. Did I mention it was cold? Cuz it was FFRREEZZZINNGGG. But it was still awesome, and I think the pictures turned out great. They were published in Reblicious Magazine a few months back. The shirt I'm wearing in a few of the pictures is from Beautiful Disaster [] and they loved them, too. They ended up making a couple of inspirational memes out of them, which is pretty rad. Those pics can be seen in the next blog, because, like I said, this is my first time doing this. Soo I didn't know all my pictures would be too big for one blog. haha OH WHAAALLLE.

Check them out. Leave me comments and let me know what you think. Thanks a bunch! Happy humpppp dayyyyy.